Qbot micro tips

I own a Qbot Micro Quadcopter from HobbyKing which I bought because it came with a tx module that would allow me to fly it with my Turnigy 9XR transmitter . This is in contrast to something like a Hubsan which comes with it's own transmitter. There is nothing wrong with using this it's just nicer to use my own. Anyway, there are a few points that might help people out there to fly the Qbot a bit more successfully. Firstly, it has an acrobatic mode which causes it to do a flip when the controls are pushed 100% in any direction. I found it pretty unflyable with this mode turned on with my limited skills. It should be possible to turn this off, but I can't figure out how. Instead I've altered the mixer on my Transmitter so that the maximum values on the Aileron, Elevator and Rudder are set to 90%. This stops the Qbot doing flips and makes it easier to fly. Secondly, I discovered that spare parts are not so easy to buy from the UK warehouse. They seem to only be stocked in the international warehouse and I can't be bothered with the hassle of that. However, Hubsan spares are easy and cheap to come by on Ebay. The propellers and motors are compatible and I've used a few replacements now with no issues.