Android apps for programmers, makers and hackers

A while ago I bought a new Android phone, a Motorola Moto-G. What's the frst thing I did? Install loads of apps for programming and other stuff for general making and hacking. I'm going to describe them here. I haven't used all of them yet so I'd be interest to know, if anyone is using them and what for?

General Tools

ES File Explorer View the file system on your phone/tablet.

Grapher Graph mathematical functions.

Programming Tools

Q Python Write and run python scripts.

Hackers Keyboard If you want to programme on Android it's often difficult to enter some characters on the default  keyboard. The hackers keyboard gives you all the keys you could ever need.

Terminal Emulator Android is based on Linux and contains a hidden command shell. This app gives you access to it.

*nix manpagees Full listing of all the Linux command man pages.

Quoda and Droid Edit Fully featured text editors for writing code.

Network Tools

Fing Scans the WiFi you are currently connected to and gives details on all other devices connected to it include IP addresses and MAC addressess. Very useful for setting up and testing your home network.

Webdavnav If you have a webdav enabled server this gives you access to all the files on it.

JuiceSSH Sets up an ssh connection to another computer on your network. Use it for server admin.

VNC Viewer Give you a full graphical connection to another computer on your network.

Arduino Tools

Arduino UNO Communicator Connects to your Arduino UNO board and allows it to send messages to your phone.

Arduino Droid Full IDE and compile for the arduino. Programme an Arduino from a tablet or phone.

Design Tools

Grab CADandThingiverse Apps that allow you to browse the libraries of Thingiverse and Grabcad. These are libraries of downloadable resources that can be 3D printed or lasercut.

AutoCAD360 and AutoDesk360 View and edit autocad files.

AutoDesk Force Effect and Force Efffect Motion Invent and design a working contraption! Experiment with forces and joints.

Inventor Publisher Veiw your inventor publisher files.

Sketchbook Mobile Express Design and sketch.

I Hope you find some of these useful. If there is anything else you think I might like please let me know.