I got fed up with Wordpress . I know it has it's uses and is a great blogging platform, but my minimal server just couldn't cope. I spent a long time trying, but despite my best efforts at configuring Apache and MySQL I just couldn't get the database to stop crashing. For a simple static blog I figured I didn't really need Wordpress anyway. I'm fairly comfortable with Python so I decided to look for a solution that utilised it. Three options looked attractive: Nikola , Pelican and Lektor. I started with Nikola and very quickly ran into some installation problems. Not a good sign so I tried Pelican. A very different experience, it installed quickly with minimum fuss and got a good looking site up and running. I've also decided to host the blog on Github which was not too difficult a process and is described in the Pelican tutorials. So now I get free hosting as well. For comments I'm using Disqus which takes the pressure off me having to deal with spam. All in all I'm very happy with Pelican and would recommend it for a simple blog.